Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up on Marcus entries

Last Monday, I attended a fundraiser at Red Rooster, representing the Marcus blog.  The event was for the Northside Center for Child Development, but mainly for its library.  Good jazz band, good food, good turnout--by all indications, I should be happy for the library's success.  So as a result, I have to play catch-up for this blog.
Monday's entry for the Marcus blog was my report on the USDA's new Twitter initiative to communicate food recalls.  The day after that (Tuesday), I showcased a piece on one of my favorite late-night snacks from my university days.
Hope you enjoy!
PS: Last Sunday, I referenced a forthcoming editorial piece, of which I am fairly proud.  Neither of these two links is that.  (What can I say?  My editor runs a shifty schedule at times.  I'm proud to be published once a day, but I will no longer predict when my pieces will run, because I, apparently, cannot.)

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