Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reconstructing the Family Past Through Food

Today's article, from the Marcus blog, is all about family traditions on a plate.  It was a heartwarming piece to research and to write; these emotional connections to food are my favorite aspects of eating, and why I love my internship.  Plus, it is rare to be able to legitimately enclose a link to Grantland in my work, so that was a nice and quirky little bonus.
Anyway, thanks for reading.  If you liked it, please declare your "like" on Facebook, share the article, give it a "+1," or a retweet.  Sharing is caring, whether in your family kitchen or online.
Scheduling note: I should have an article a day, for the rest of the week, to post here.  After the week's worth of Marcus articles, Saturday should feature my next Feast of Music article.  (I will be reviewing the Darcy James Argue Secret Society at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.)  The day after (Sunday), I will probably pull an old article out of the vault, as well as write a spontaneous piece on a random subject.

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