Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introduction, and Ari Hoenig concert review

Greetings!  If you are reading this, then you are likely (a) a friend of mine already, or (b) a prospective future employer of mine.  I am Mike Engle, originally of New Orleans, LA, but currently living in the New York area.  I was a music major at McGill University (and yes, I still play), and I plan to enroll in an accredited law school in New York City, starting this fall.  (I do not know which one yet, but when I finalize that decision, I will certainly blog about it!)
In the meantime, I am a blogger.  I have been a writer, in some form, shape, or capacity, for as long as I can remember.  My elementary school had a literary magazine, The Kaleidoscope, which accepted submissions from the students.  In retrospect, I think that every submission was accepted (can't hurt anybody's feelings at such a young age); however, I am fortunate to have had great teachers (in both English and French) who required us to write for The Kaleidoscope.  My first validation of my writing talents came in Grade 11, when I was recognized as a NCTE award winner from New York State.
After my NCTE recognition, I began to appreciate my writing abilities.  While I produced my fair share of essays for high school and McGill, I also enrolled in my local community college's creative writing courses during select summers.  Meanwhile, I periodically wrote contributing pieces to several of my favorite blogs, on a casual basis.  Finally, after enough formal and informal practice, I earned my first journalistic internship at the Marcus Samuelsson Group, where I have worked since 14 February 2012.
Now that I am, legitimately, a regular writer, I have decided to keep this blog.  Whenever an article of mine is published, I will place a link here.  When I do not have anything to publish, I may choose to post an old article of mine, and then react to it (or not).  Of course, I also plan on writing short articles here, or maybe just little snippets of thought.  Either way, I hope that this blog will serve as a complete archive of my works, because it is already hard enough to remember every website where I have been featured!  If I were to develop this blog any further, then that would be wonderful.
So without further ado, I would like to share my debut article for the Feast of Music blog.  This Friday, I will be at Brooklyn's Galapagos Art Space, where I will be covering the Darcy James Argue's Secret Society concert for FoM.  Aside from that, thanks for reading, and enjoy the ride.

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