Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Four More for the Road

I've really been lax with posting my new works on this blog...sorry!  My next music review will be this Sunday; I'll be checking out Patricia Barber at the Jazz Standard.  Earlier today, I picked up a copy of Steve Jobs, the authoritative biography by Walter Isaacson.  So far, it's a great read!
  1. Last Friday: Strong (not necessarily obnoxious) smells may subconsciously curb hunger.  So, if you're trying to watch your diet, stay away from the bland stuff?  Sounds good to me!
  2. Last Monday: How to keep tabs on your favorite NYC food trucks, thanks to the internet and smartphones.
  3. Today: Heard of the seven deadly sins?  Soda doesn't quite have all seven to a tee, but here are seven really terrifying facts about soda.  (Yes, I will definitely be drinking less soda thanks to this bit of research, and I hope to eliminate cans from my diet.)
  4. Today DAILY DOUBLE: My favorite part of being a Marcus Samuelsson blogger.  $5 Food Challenges.  This is my third one in this series.

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